End of the Spear A true story
When two worlds collide, one family faces the ultimate challange.
Copyright 2005 by Steve Saint
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ISBN: 0-8423-6439-0

Prologue: Amazon Guide
Chapter 1: Back to the Stone Age
Chapter 2: Can Cowodi Hunt?
Chapter. 3: Operation "Auca"
Chapter 4: Friendly Friday
Chapter 5: Did They Have to Die?
Chapter 6: What We Do for Love
Chapter 7: Thatched Huts and G-Strings
Chapter 8: Swiss Family Saint
Chapter 9: A Critical Decision
Chapter 10: Trial by Trail
Chapter 11: Terminal City
Chapter 12: Could This Be Home?
Chapter 13: Get Ready
Chapter 14: Get Set
Chapter 15: We're Gone
Chapter 16: It's a Jungle Out Here
Chapter 17: The Fateful Day
Chapter 18: End of the Beginning
Chapter 19: Another Spearing
Chapter 20: Between Two Worlds
Chapter 21: The Foreigners' Place
Chapter 22: On the Road
Chapter 23: Now I See It Well
Chapter 24: Cloud of Witnesses

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is a cross-cultural experience that will awaken you to evaluation of priorities and values in your own life and culture and a better understanding of mankind, and of the God that created us. We live in a world that is made up of separate little worlds, even ages, but over it all is a Meta-narrative, a Big Story which is true for all the little stories.

The title of the book should interpreted in this way: "End of the killing mentality in the Waodani culture."

As I started reading the book, I felt I was entering into a chaotic hodge podge, not knowing where I was in the story, let alone having any clue where it was going next. I don't know if this was intended, but it is, I am sure, exactly how Steve and Ginny felt during the time in which the story begins. As Steve and his family discern and submit to God's leading, things become more clear, God shows and makes all things beautiful. And, by the way, leave your standards of beautiful at home, they are no good here. As a matter of fact, you'll probably put them away for good.

I am sure you are familier with Jesus' teaching that a seed cannot bear fruit except it die. That is what Steve's father, Nate Saint, and his four companions did when they visited the "Aucas". Rachel Saint, Steve's Aunt, eventually died among them too. But the case should be made that they all died long before their physical death. We begin with the funeral and burial of Rachel among the tribe and the next day the tribes asks Steve, according to their culture, to take her place in their society. This starts the part of God's story which is Steve's story. The story of his dying so that his life may bear fruit.

This is a story of how life changing it is to follow God's carvings. The Waodani people show such love, it is very convicting to us in our individualized society. Their desire to learn the things of God is also convicting and motivating, even down to the smallest of them.

Rachel Saint's self-description: "I Love the Lord Jesus with all my heart, and I trusted Him completly. And I guess I just learned to persevere in whatever He gave me to do."

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